Every now and then I'll have a weird craving for something wierd like a White Castle burger or a McRib sandwich, but some people's crazy craving might make you want to lose your lunch!

Here are 5 of the top WEIRDEST Food cravings I have ever heard of by people who ACTUALLY eat them:

  1. Burnt toast and Peanut Butter - I myself tend to like a little bit of char on my meats especially BBQ but I've never thought about adding Peanut Butter
  2. Bacon and Chocolate - this salty-sweet mix craving has been catching on lately with more companies adding bacon to products.
  3. Pickles and hot sauce - this sounds like something a person would have to be DARED to eat!
  4. Ice - My son likes to chew on ice cubes like candy. My teeth a WAAAYYYY to sensitive for that!
  5. Cottage Cheese and Hot Sauce - AGAIN with the Hot sauce! This one almost made me throw up a little!

What's the WEIRDEST Food or food combo craving that YOU'VE ever had?

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