The Mitchell Family from Owensboro is back at it with their skeleton decorating skills.  They're so legit these skeletons have their own Instagram.

Angel here and in 2018 I was out in my neighborhood and noticed a super fun house with skeletons in the yard.  I stopped, knocked on the door (totally normal right?), and asked Kate Mitchell all about her decorating.

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She told me they change the skeletons every single day.  That year the skeletons were busy doing yoga, sunbathing, swimming, mowing the yard, decorating the bushes, tailgating for the cats, and going for a jog.
It's been a few years since we caught up with the Mitchell's they have since moved from our neighborhood but one thing hasn't changed...their love for letting the family's skeletons out of the closet for Halloween.  The skeletons have their own Instagram page.

Kate had this to say about creating an Instagram for the family skeletons and some super fun facts;

1. I had friends of friends or neighbors, etc wanting to follow along and I didn’t want to share my private social media profiles. This way now people can share with anyone!

2. One year we just thought it would be kind of fun to do some different scenes and have it be like the elf-on-the-shelf kind of thing for our kids. They really got into it and so did our neighbors so we kept bringing them back. Now our kids like helping with them too. It’s fun seeing their friends come by to check them out each day and we definitely attract more walkers to our culdesac in October.  It’s just another way to make spooky season more fun for everyone.

3. My favorite part is how much our kids have enjoyed it and getting to hear how people share it with their kids, family, friends, etc and it gives them something fun to connect over.   

4. I think this is year 4 for the skeletons.

5. Um… some fun facts about the skeletons -they are obviously UK fans -Each year we have added a little something to it - like this year I’ve added music to it on the Instagram posts. 

Owensboro Skeletons Have Their Own Instagram Page

The Mitchell Family from Owensboro is back at it with their skeleton decorating skills. They're so legit these skeletons have their own Instagram.


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