From the goofy to the grotesque, there's no shortage of campsites caught up in the Halloween fever during the month of October.

My family and I spent the weekend camping at Lincoln knowing full well what we were getting into. You see, Lincoln hosts Halloween themed activities every weekend through the month of October, offering crafts for the kids, hayrides, and their annual "Trail of Terror" haunted house through Lincoln Amphitheater and the surrounding forest.

Then there's the campsites. Like us, some people choose not to dress our site up with Halloween themed knick-knacks, but there are others who go all out. Decking their sites with fake spider webbing, inflatable displays, and in some cases, downright disturbing props. Here's a few of the better pieces I saw over our weekend.

TSMEvansville's Lincoln State Park Halloween Weekends album on Photobucket

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