The Easter practice of egg decorating has meaning behind it: the egg itself represents rebirth, something early Pagans celebrated during the spring season, and was later adopted by Christians to represent the resurrection themes of the Easter holiday. Back in the olden days, colored eggs were decorated in springy hues and given away to lovers and friends sort of the same way we do with Valentines. The egg tradition has held over as the holiday evolved, with most people using store-bought dyeing packages to color their hard boileds.

This year, stray from the usual and create unique Easter egg decorations with the help of these video tutorials.

No dye necessary here, just tissue paper

A DIY glitter-egg tutorial

Au naturel Easter egg decorations: flowers, leaves and other natural products

Make your Easter eggs glow in the dark

Stickers add extra pizzazz to an otherwise dull egg

- Contributed by Wendy Gould

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