On Saturday night Mike and I dragged the Christmas tree out, along with all of the decorations and lights, and began to assemble the mammoth thing, with little 6 year old Patton handling the overseeing of the construction. Elizabeth & Elaina? Well, they were busy doing girly things, until construction was complete and it was time for 'fun' part... *sigh*

Once the tree was "built," and it was time for the lights and decorations, I realized that my lights, ALL 6 STRANDS, weren't working! This is where the first ever Mykals-Adams Christmas tree got a little controversial.


See, I like white lights. My daughter... she likes the white lights too. Mike, however, has ALWAYS had colored lights, ever since he was a kid.

So we took a vote... the decision? 1 grown-up/1 kid for white lights. 1 grown-up/2 kids for colored lights. Oh boy! And only ONE Kat Mykals making the trek to the store to pick up new lights.

What to do? Do I get what I want or do I get what he wants? So, I did what every great mom in history has done! I compromised! Yes! This was the answer! I'll buy BOTH clear AND colored lights, and mix them together on the tree!!! I have to say, it turned out GREAT!


Mykals-Adams Family Tree

Which do you prefer? Do you like white lights or colored lights on your Christmas tree? Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you!


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