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Kentucky Toddler Rides a Hover Board Better Than You [VIDEO]
I was sent this video though our Facebook page and I was completely blown away. This baby, this toddler, who probably just learned to walk about 6 months ago, is riding a hover board like it's no big deal. It's like she does it everyday, like she was born doing it. Paisley is amazing and s…
If You Have A Hangover, Drink a Milkshake
I recently heard that drinking a banana milkshake can cure a hangover. Really? It sounds like it would make your hangover worse! The thought of it makes me feel sick. So, I investigated this theory, by consulting YouTube. Here is what I found out.
Let's Start 2020 By Stopping
If you start New Year's resolutions at the beginning of every year and find that they seem to end soon after they began, you might want to try this. Try stopping as a 2020 resolution.

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