Watch me go from zero to pathetic in six seconds flat.

By the calendar on the wall (or on your phone, wherever), November still has a few days left. However by Deaconess Hospital standards, thanks to Thanksgiving weekend taking up the final days of the month, No Shave November came to an end today. Knowing this from the start, I made a point to take a "selfie" each morning in order to put together this little video showing the sad progression that is my body trying to push hair out of its follicles.


If you blinked, you may have missed something, so feel free to go back and watch it as many times as you need. Heck, even I watched it on a loop six or seven times before I could even notice a difference between the first picture and the last one. And I see myself in the mirror every day!

Of course the whole point of No Shave November wasn't to prove once again that growing facial is not my strongest biological quality. The whole point was to raise awareness for guys like myself that they need to have regular checkups with their doctor to be screened for male-specific cancers such as prostate and testicular.

I realize that's tough for guys. The thought of having another person, man or woman, perform the procedure necessary to see if my prostate is larger than it should be is not a pleasant one, however, I'll take a second or two of discomfort if it means catching something that could cause far more discomfort later on down the road.

If you're a guy, go get checked. If you're not a guy, but know one, and care about his well being, tell him to quit being a sissy and go get checked.

For more info on these and other health risks connected to guys, check out the Deaconess Hospital website. I'm off to go shave this rat hair off my face.