It's been 18 full days since a razor has touched my face, and the results so far are just as I expected them to be — pitiful.

OK, "pitiful" may be a bit strong. It doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look great either. To be completely honest, it almost didn't make it through the weekend. I've hit that stage where it's become itchy, and I am almost constantly aware that it's there. Saturday was particularly bad. For whatever reason, it felt like I had bugs crawling on my face. I was constantly scratching my cheeks thanks to tickling from a few of the overachieving hairs that have grown longer than the others.Not to mention the few on my upper lip that curl up and just barely graze my nose when I speak or eat.

I've had a few people tell me that it doesn't look bad, and that I should consider letting it go to see what happens. While I appreciate the support, but I know what will happen. See, here's the thing, my face has a limited number of hairs that will grow out of it, and I've already reached that number. Take a look at the side views below, and I'll explain what I mean after that.

Thanks to the florescent lighting in my office, you can see actual hair. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)

Notice the left side has a bit of a bare spot, while the right side is filling out a bit better? For whatever reason, there seems to be no follicles on the left side in that space. This means that I have to rely on those above and below it to pull double-duty and grow long enough to cover that spot, which at this pace should happen around the time my 7-year-old daughter graduates from college.

In the grand scheme of things, even though I expected the results I've seen so far, looking like high school freshman who is bulldozing his way into manhood is worth the trouble for the greater good of the campaign which is to remind guys like myself to get screened regularly for prostate and testicular cancer. As I've said before, if me not shaving for a few weeks gets at least one guy to go get screened and catch a potentially life-threatening disease early enough to have it treated, then looking like a 13-year-old is completely worth it.

To see the other guys who have decided to put down the razors, and for more info on No Shave November, visit the Deaconess Hospital website.