It is time to have some Friday Fun people!  The Last selfie you took is how you show up to an interview.  Please post them to the WBKR Facebook Page.

Angel here and we all like to look our best for an interview right?  Well, I can almost guarantee if some of us had to show up to an interview looking like we did in our last selfie we may not get the job.

I polled my friends (which are several of you) and asked you to drop a selfie.  Some of you all I would hire on the spot and others I may not even open my office door to.

Either way these are hilarious and fun.  This actually takes me back to my days working at the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department when I did interviews.  Goodness, I have stories on how some of those teenagers showed up to their interview.  One girl came in a bathing suit because she was going to the pool afterwards.

Hilarious Job Interview Selfies

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