Kentucky is becoming famous for more than just whiskey, bluegrass and BBQ. The super photogenic and very affectionate, Kissing Rowdy, the kissing calf, is really getting a lot of attention.

He is helping Crown Photography make so many people happy with his kissing and snuggling photos. People of all ages are clamoring to get their photo taken with Kissing Rowdy.

Ready to pucker up?

I corresponded with, Ashley Soares, the owner and photographer of Crown Photography on Facebook MessengerShe is located in Elkton, Kentucky. Ashley has been a photographer since 2012.

What does she hope to give her clients during the photoshoots and how did the calf idea come about? She said,

I use my photography to give clients the memories that they will always remember! I originally saw the calf photo idea from being tagged on Facebook, Friends knowing my Boss and I have calves! So I decided to use them for a couple of photos with a friend and my little one. I didn’t really realize how much attention it would bring. People from Louisville, Evansville, Owensboro, Clarksville all are coming to see these sweet babies! It’s been a game changer for sure! The Calves where just meant to give my Boss and I a winter project, and grow our own herd, not make them famous! Now we have Little Rowdy who has his own Facebook, “Let’s get Rowdy” and so many fans!

See what all the attention is about.

Kentucky's Kissing Calf Will Melt Your Heart With Smooches

Kissing Rowdy is a 4 week old Holstein Bottle Bull calf, only weighing in at 70-ish lbs. He loves to kiss you and get lots of tummy rubs. Ashley told me he is a little miracle baby. He battled pneumonia and calf scours, and look at him, such a lover. I think he enjoys it just as much as the babies, kids and adults in the photos. He is just so precious.

If you would like to see more photos and get your photo taken with Kissing Rowdy, click HERE.

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