While looking through comments about those wonderful old photos Marcia Embry found in her garage, I stumbled upon a website that has me deeply intrigued.

It's called FamilyOldPhotos.com and it's an archive featuring more than 50,000 old photos, and maybe some of members of your family you didn't know were out there.

Now, up front, it is powered by BeenVerified and at the top it says it's a free old photo archive. But when I put in my grandmother's name, it asked for a dollar for a trial period, then it gave me a list of pay options--much like Ancestry.com, which I have used.

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So it's up to you if you want to pursue it, but I think I can cough up a George Washington to see what I can see. That's all I'd need anyway, for my purposes.

There are multiple functions at Family Old Photos at your disposable, like the availability of searching state by state or searching via surname.

And if you're just an old photo buff, regardless of whether or not you're doing family research, on the left hand side of the home page, you can search through vintage circus and Civil War photos which are endlessly fascinating.

And, LIKE Ancestry.com, you can add photos yourself. When I opened an account for my mom about nine years ago, all this information we'd never had before popped up. It turns out my cousin Michelle had posted it.

And, of course, since BeenVerified is all over this site, there are police records available, too.

So whatever you find, I didn't do it, okay?

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