It was a valiant effort, but when the end of November came, so did my attempt to look like a man.

Regardless of my appearance, as I said from day one, the whole goal of No Shave November with Deaconess Hospital was to bring awareness to men's cancers such as testicular and prostate. Since I rarely go more than three or four days without shaving, I was effectively able to promote the No Shave November movement every time someone said, "Are you trying to grow a beard?" Or when the burst into laughter when I walked in the room (thanks, Mom).

During a thank you ceremony at Deaconess last Friday, they announced that over the course of the month they donated $15,000 to local cancer awareness charities, so right there, the whole thing can be counted as a win. It was also during this quick, 20 minute ceremony that they gave out awards for "Manliest Beard", "Who Are You?" (For the guys who may the most drastic change in appearance), and "Nice Try". Each category featured four nominees with one winner each. Want to take a stab at which one I was nominated for? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't "Best Beard" or "Who Are You?"

Believe it or not, despite how my attempt at facial hair turned out, there was one guy whose turned out worse than mine. For his trouble, he, along with the other category winners, received a brand new Norelco electric shaver. It should last him a lifetime.

The ceremony also marked the official end of the campaign and we were all given the green light to shave away at our earliest convenience which for me was when I got home Friday evening from the annual 911 Gives Hope for the Holiday's Toy Drive.

I mentioned in my last blog about No Shave November that I was actually contemplating keeping the darned thing around for a little while longer as it didn't look as terrible as I thought it would by the end of the month. However, the more I thought about it, the idea of having to take time every so often to maintain it, coupled with my laziness, led me to the conclusion that it would be best for all parties involved (that would be me and the beard) if we just parted ways. So off to the bathroom I went.

My wife captured the end of Beard-ageddon with her smartphone. My apologies for the black box look of it, I had already started shaving when I realized she was holding the camera upright instead of on its side.

And with that I give you the end result: