The crew at Evansville-based Concept Sound and Light (the men and women responsible bringing Guns and Hoses to life with, well, sound and lights) post a time-lapse video condensing Saturday's three-and-a-half-hour Guns and Hoses event, including setup and tear down, into just over three minutes.

Guns and Hoses IX was a record-setting night in terms of both attendance and money raised for local charity, 911 Gives Hope. The 8,040 people who packed the Ford Center were treated to 14 intense battles between the men and women of our local law enforcement and fire departments, raising an astounding $121,732 in the process.

As the ring announcer for this year's event, my job was easy. Show up in time for a quick rehearsal, then announce the fights as the night goes on. By the time I arrived at the arena (around 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon), the ramp, ring, lights, etc. were already set up. But as you can see, it takes a small army to pull this thing off each and every year.

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