Ah, the taste of nostalgia. Sometimes the things we crave don't exist anymore or they are 2,000 miles away. Back in the day, Noble Roman's had locations all over Evansville. The corporate office was located in Indianapolis, and there was even a mascot, that was literally a monster, named after the deep dish pizza. Wow, did that costume smell! Oh, I should mention that one of my first jobs was a Shift Manager at Noble Roman's in Princeton. There is a Donut Bank there now. I trained at North Park, so I know what I'm talking about.



Most of the original locations have closed. You can sometimes find a gas station that bears the Noble Roman's name, but I'm never sure what I'm going to get with that. So, it would seem that our beloved Pan Ones, Pizza Bombs, and those breadsticks were all things of the past; never to be tasted again. But then...

I found out that there IS an original Noble Roman's still open in Washington Square Mall. They feature the old-school menu items, including the breadsticks and cheese sauce.

Photo: Liberty

There's a New Noble in Town

Now we also have the new Craft Pizza & Pub version of Noble Roman's on Evansville's Westside. They feature new menu items, a full bar, and yes the famous breadsticks! So, we have two options for this delicious grub - But are they the same? The two locations are not owned by the same people, and the menus are slightly different, except for the breadsticks.


When Michael Rosenbaum put out an S.O.S. for Noble Roman's breadsticks, his friend, Jen Wilderman came to the rescue and overnighted plenty of the good stuff and, of course the cheese sauce.

Liberty DeWig

These bags of yumminess were overnighted from Evansville's Westside NR all the way to L.A.!

Liberty DeWig

I love both versions of the Noble Romans stix, but I'm confident that in a blind taste test, I can tell the difference. Don't get me wrong, I would never turn down a NR breadstick, but if I had to choose...How about I just let you do the choosing!

Classic Noble Roman's Radio Ads

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