Yes, they exist. I was shocked too. 

Recently I made a huge lifestyle change regarding what food I eat and how often I exercise. Im at a point now that I have to be completely aware of what I eat. I like for everything that is in my diet to serve a purpose other than just tasting good. Some of the most important foods are ones that are fat burners. But some foods you wouldn't expect to be, are major fat burners. So I listed my top 10 favorite fat burning, metabolism boosting foods that I eat regularly.


Berries can also prevent cravings and improve satiety. Some of my favorites are blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. Also, if you start to crave something sweet, berries dipped in a natural honey always does the trick!

Whole Grains

One of the simplest changes you can make in your diet is switching to whole grain when it comes to your breads and pastas. It tastes just as good (if not better), plus eating it in small doses helps prevent body fat from storing up. It is as simple as switching to whole grain bread, brown rice and whole grain cereal.

Peanut Butter

There is nothing that I love more than natural peanut butter! Not only does it burn fat, but it also helps build muscle. Plus, now peanut butter comes in flavors like cookie dough, white chocolate, cinnamon, dark chocolate and so many others! A spoon full of peanut butter can fix almost anything!


Turkey and other lean meats like chicken help build muscle and boost your immune system! The amount of lean turkey and chicken that I prepare on meal prep day probably looks a little ridiculous! But these two items are essential!


I probably eat more egg whites than anything else in my diet. They help burn fat and burn muscle. Plus they are quick and easy to make & there are a ton of different recipes to try so you don't get burnt out. My favorite is Egg whites, red onion, bell pepper and black beans, all topped off with a little bit of salsa! (This is the closest thing I can get to mexican food right now)


Almonds can build muscle and reduce cravings. This is my favorite go-to snack. It's and easy substitute for something like potato chips. I like to keep them at my desk or in my back pack to keep me from visiting the vending machine at work or school.


Dairy is essential for building strong bones but it also helps boost weight loss. I make sure to stick to fat-free milk and cheese. My newest dairy obsession is cottage cheese. I know most people hate it, but it is actually packed with protein which I am always looking to get after a workout! & it's a great snack that is only about 100 calories.

Grape Fruit

Grape fruit is with out a doubt a power food! It not only helps boost your metabolism but it also lowers blood sugar and regulates insulin. (But you have to be sure to eat all of the white junk to get all of the benefits - which can be a struggle for me.)

Chili Peppers

I LOVE spicy food! The spicier, the better & chili peppers always do the trick! & knowing that they spike my matabolism makes them even better!


I used to refuse to eat any sea food. But once I realized how beneficial some fish is, I quickly changed that habit and I learned to love it! Fatty fish can actually help keep you feeling full and speeds up fat burning. If you aren't a big fan of seafood, I suggest starting with tuna and salmon. Those two have become a huge part of my diet!

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