Top Chefs Are Against Grilling Burgers
What's the first food you think of to throw on the grill? Burgers of course, well maybe hot dogs, however, a couple of prominent chefs are of the opinion burgers should NOT be grilled. And as you would think, this opinion did not go over well.
What Food Does the Tri-State Hate the Most?
I've referred to the "Hater" app before when I wrote an article about what random thing people in the Tri-State more than anything else.  If you're not familiar, Hater is (somewhat brilliant) dating app that matches people by similar things that they don't like.  They've been able to compi…
The Rob's Fall Fest Essentials (For the Less-Adventurous)
Nobody is more confused and befuddled by the insane popularity of the Fall Festival than I am.  Admittedly, I'm not from Evansville originally, but I've lived here for nine years and likewise have attended nine of these city-stopping parades of gluttony, and STILL cannot wrap my head …

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