I had the pleasure of meeting the "Sunshine Girls" this weekend when I visited the Bitterman Mini Shoppes & Farmers' Market, and I was incredibly impressed with their story and their juice!

Sunshine Juice Co
Photo Kat Mykals


I mentioned that Saturday I paid a visit to the Bitterman Mini Shoppes, on the Main Street Walkway. While I was there, I got to chat with BFF's Meagan & Erin as they juiced, bottled and concocted their super tasty, delicious and extra good for you juice! Sunshine Juice Co. uses a cold-press process that allows them to bottle their juices, and with flavors like Dream Weaver (orange & carrot), Mean Green (kale, lemon, green apple, spinach, parsley, ginger, celery & cucumber), and Pink Drink (strawberry, beet, grapefruit, ginger & red apple) you are sure to find a favorite! These are a great source of vitamins & nutrients, and it's in a liquid drinkable form!

Sunshine Juice Co
My friend Ali enjoying a Pink Drink from the Sunshine Juice Co. (photo: Kat Mykals)


Want to know where you can get your hands on Meagan & Erin's Sunshine Juice?

  • The Bitterman Shoppes - 204 Main Street, Evansville
  • Rivercity Food Co-Op - 116 Washington Avenue, Evansville
  • Yoga 101 - 2800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville
  • Sweet Emotions - 11 State Street, Newburgh
  • Rhythm Salon & Spa - 8177 Bell Oaks Drive, Newburgh

They also now offer bottle service! They will deliver to Evansville or Newburgh if you buy six or more. If you buy a "Juicer's Dozen" you'ss get the 13th free! You can find out more about Sunshine Juice Co. at their website and remember, #ShopLocal #SpendLocal #EatLocal

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♥ Kat

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