Banana Pops Dipped in Chocolate with Coconut, Pistachios or Hazelnuts
What We're Cooking This Weekend: Chocolate Banana Pops FROM: @gingervegan WHY WE LOVE IT: Talk about a crowd-pleaser! Chocolate covered bananas are a classic dessert everyone enjoys, vegans and non-vegans. TOTAL TIME: 1:10 Prep: 7 minutes Sit: 30 min-1 hour until frozen TOTAL INGREDIENTS: 6 MAKE IT FOR: A "healthier" dessert or your children's parties...
Guilt-Free Cooking – Two Ingredient Pancakes
One of my husband's favorite foods is pancakes. Which is fine for him, with his speedy metabolism and all, but not so great for me. I know what you're thinking: just don't eat the pancakes. But if I'm going to be the one cooking them, you better believe I'm going to eat them. So I found a healthier version. This way, he still gets his pancakes, and I don't have to feel guilty after eating an extra
Guilt-Free Cooking – Macaroni & Cheese
Macaroni & Cheese is one of my favorite foods! It doesn't matter if it's homemade or from a box, it's always good. But it's so bad for you! So when I'm craving Mac & Cheese, I try to stick to this healthier version. Is it as good as the real thing? Probably not. But it keeps me from feeling guilty after devouring all of it!