If you could elect a celebrity for President of the United States, who would it be? The Rob & Kat Mykals have a few ideas!

According to Reddit, Ellen DeGeneres would make a great POTUS. That of course got us thinking about who we'd like to see run this great country.


The Rob:

There were a few celebrities that I was surprised weren't on the list that was originally compiled by Reddit users. The first name that seemed glaringly absent to me was Jimmy Fallon, who always seems to win "popularity contests" like this along with Ellen. Admittedly I'm stealing this one from another commenter on this post, but someone mentioned Jon Stewart and I thought that would be a really good choice. One of our callers suggested Jesse "The Body" Ventura who I also don't think would make a horrible president. Lastly, of all of the names on the list, there's probably no one I'd vote for more than Howard Stern, whose judgement I would trust greatly leading our nation.

Kat Mykals

Like Rob, I came up with a few celebrities that I thought would make a good POTUS. We'll start with Liam Neeson. Why? Because he has "a very particular set of skills... acquired over a very long career." (Bonus points for you if you got my random movie reference.) I think Stephen Colbert would make a good president as well. He's smart. He's funny. He could handle the free world. However, I think my first choice would be Leonardo DiCaprio. He is outspoken and passionate about several great causes and his patience is incredible - look how long he waited to get an Oscar!


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