In a world where bigger is better, is the new smaller iPhone SE the new movement in smartphones? The tristate weighs in.

Apple announced it's latest offering in the iPhone family. Meet the SE. It's smaller at just a 4 inch screen but other than that, it seems to be equally as potent as it's big brother the 6 Plus. If you want to know all of the specs check out the press release from Apple.

iPhone SE

The Rob

While I don't have a "huge phone," (I have an iPhone 5) I am definitely on "Team Big Phone." I come from the school of thought that a 40 inch TV is better than a 30 inch TV, and while there certainly can be a "too big" when it come to phones, of the popular choices on the market today, I like the bigger options. Whenever I see someone with a huge phone, I'm always a little jealous. Also, I'm a big guy; I have big hands (like Donald Trump) and big pockets. So some of the things some people may find unappealing about big phones don't apply to me.


Kat Mykals

While I do love my larger phone - I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I do think the iPhone 6 Plus seems a bit too big for me to manage comfortably. I sometimes have trouble balancing my phone and taking a selfie without fumbling my phone. I can't imagine using an iPhone 6 Plus, which is bigger. That being said, the new iPhone SE is just too small. It's the same size as a 5S, which my daughter has and it feels almost dwarf-like in my hands. So for me, I am team "go big or go home!"



In a world where bigger is better, do you prefer the larger or smaller version of iPhone??? Apple announced it's newest...

Posted by 106.1 KISS-FM on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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