The Rob & Kat Mykals played a game of Would You Rather this week on the show & we took to Facebook to ask our followers which choice they would make.



The Rob

This question was actually spawned from a series of "would you rather..." questions Kat and I discussed on the air Wednesday. This question, in my opinion, was actually one of the easier ones. Basically, It comes down to this: Spiders are terrifying; Water is not. I would sleep far more comfortable in a kiddy pool for 30 days than I will in spider exhibit for even a single night. In wouldn't even be fair to call what I would be doing "sleeping..." There would be no sleep if even a single spider were around!


I may be in the minority here, but I would pick a single night with the spiders over a month in an inch of water. My thought process is that after a month (or a week for that matter) the water will get slimy and gross. It will also be cold and I hate being cold & wet. So for me the spiders were an easy choice. Especially for just a single night.



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