The recent appearances by Senator Ted Cruz at Pie Pan and Wolf's Barbecue got me thinking about some of my favorite Evansville restaurants that should be must-visits for any candidate making a stop in town.

Popping in to local restaurants on the campaign trail is not a new idea. Candidates use the opportunity to meet with and discuss the issues with potential voters one-on-one, something they can't do in a rally setting. Plus, it gives the appearance they relate to us common folk while showing support to local entrepreneurs, because politics.

It's obvious Cruz enjoys a good meal, and we certainly have a wide variety of cuisine to choose from here in Evansville. While there are certainly way more than five great restaurants in town to enjoy, these are a five of my personal favorites (in no particular order) that I think he, or any other candidate should pay a visit to in the event they come to town begging campaigning for our vote.

Azzip Pizza

Azzip has quickly become a major player in the pizza game here in Evansville, as well as one of my favorite pizzas to eat. It's quick, and more importantly delicious (that crust though). Plus, it's 100-percent local as the owner is a Mater Dei and Purdue grad who won a $20,000 grant to start the business after presenting the concept for the restaurant in a competition while at Purdue. A small business success story any candidate would be wise to visit.

Little Italy

pasta with meatballs and parsley
(Nikolay Trubnikov)

If a candidate is a fan of Italian Food, Little Italy in North Park is a must-visit on their restaurant tour. With fresh made pasta, pizza, oven-baked sandwiches, and more on the menu, plus the free breadsticks with complimentary pesto dipping sauce, finding something they'll like won't be difficult. However, settling on which one will be.

Los Bravos


There are several great Mexican restaurants in Evansville, which made it difficult to settle on just one, but after much deliberation, I went with the O.G. of authentic Mexican cuisine in Evansville, Los Bravos. To my recollection, they were the first non-Taco Bell / Taco John's place in the area to get legit burritos, tacos, nachos, etc. Oh, and they're chimichangas are the best in town, in my opinion.

Major Munch

Major Munch - Patty Melt
(Ryan O'Bryan)

If a candidate is hankerin' for a juicy beef patty from a locally-owned establishment, and they're more concerned with taste over calories, their first stop needs to be Major Munch in downtown Evansville. I recommend the double-patty melt (pictured in all it's delicious glory above). Throw in a side of fries, or really go all out on the greasy goodness with an order of onion rings, and they're set. However, snapping them out of their food coma to actually speak with constituents may be a problem.

Log Inn

Homemade Southern Fried Chicken

If it's home cookin' a candidate is looking for, look no further than Log Inn (although ironically, they'll have to drive a little further out of town to get there). What's more American than endless bowls of fried chicken and all the fixin's? They even call it "family style"! For the candidate passionate about family values, missing a stop at Log Inn could derail their entire campaign.

Are there any I missed? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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