Because the Selfie was sooooo 2014.

We humans are always trying to improve things. Putting our own spin on on an idea or concept someone else came up with so we can call it our own. Instead of putting that ingenuity to something like curing cancer, someone has decided to improve on the Selfie.

Introducing the Donut Selfie. A video version of the popular self photo-op where you take a 180 degree, panoramic view of your face. The concept is pretty simple. with your left or right hand, start the video recorder on your phone and place it up against the of your head (around the temple area), then slowly bring it around and finish by placing it up against the opposite side. As much as I sit here and tease that surely there are better things to do than try and "improve" the standard Selfie, it does look kind of cool when done right, creating a sort of Matrix-style camera shot.

What's also pretty cool, if you have basic knowledge of video editing, you can piece together various Donut Selfies to appear as if you're teleporting to different locations (as shown in the original video above).

Of course I had to try it for myself. My first (and possibly only attempt) can be seen below.