Driving too fast could become a thing of the past.

This is a clip from 2012 of something called Actibump -- currently used in Sweden -- which is a sensored speed bump that detects if a driver is speeding. If the motorist is moving too fast, "a part of the roadway pivots downwards, creating an edge," i.e., it's a speed bump (or speed dip, to be more precise) that reminds and forces the driver to slow down, all in an effort to keep the streets safe. It's really just a government-sanctioned pothole.

If the driver is operating his or her vehicle at proper speed the roadway remains flat.

This must be one effective speed bump. The video is from 2012, but is only trending now. It somehow slowed down going viral for four whole years, so we know that it's road ready because it worked wonders on the information superhighway.

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