Congratulations, Chicago. You have a brand new honor. You officially have the worst traffic in America with new data showing drivers lose an incredible 155 hours per year behind the wheel.

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This new data was shared by MSN and it appears based on a Washington Times report. It's based on "transportation analytics firm INRIX" which showed traffic congestion in the Windy City involved a staggering 155 hours behind the wheel...waiting. They report that's an increase of 50% from the previous year stats. That's more than New York or Los Angeles. Shocking.

They say that Chicago traffic became less of a problem when many worked remotely early in 2020. Now that we're into 2023, the vast acres of vehicles occupying Chicago's commute have returned...with a vengeance.

I've driven through Chicago a few times in my life and I do remember how endless The Loop seemed as it would be one stretch of stalled traffic with brief respites until the next vehicular jam. Patience is more than a virtue when driving in the big city. It's a way of life.

I saw tips for driving in Chicago by Travel Lemming where they state that "It is relatively difficult to drive in Chicago". You think? TripSavvy does give some good advice when they say stay out of the far left lanes on the interstate unless you want to get run over and/or dealt with angrily by the locals. Chicagoans already have enough to deal with having 155 hours of their life subtracted by traffic every year.

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