Many people would rather jam rusty nails in their eyes than go to the grocery store. But I'm here to tell you that with a little pre-planning and organization, a trip to the store can be a much smoother, and dare I say, enjoyable, experience.

I'll assume that when you sit down to make your grocery list, you write it in a "laundry list" style, jotting items down as they come to mind (milk, bread, chicken, carrots, etc.). I'll also assume this leads to you bouncing around to different parts of the store as you make your way down the list to grab the items you need, or standing in each section scanning your list to find the items you wrote down for that particular section. This more than likely leads to frustration as jump around the list trying to find what else you need, and therefore the disdain you have for grocery shopping.

But there is a better, and simpler way to do it. And it can be done before you ever leave the house.

By organizing your list into the sections at your local grocery store, you can not only knock out each section in one pass, but you'll put an end to scanning the entire list over and over again to get what you need.

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