Across the country, public school have begun cancelling and even BANNING Halloween events on school grounds. School officials have said it was due to the pressure put on the school by parents. Like Christmas and Easter, some parents felt it was inconsiderate to the students who's families didn't celebrate Halloween while others cited the 'unneccessary strain' it put on parents who weren't able to afford a costume for their child, making them feel left out.

I can somewhat understand the 'not celebrating' part. As a kid growing up in a very religious household, my mother didn't allow me to 'celebrate' Halloween. The one year she even allowed my to wear any sort of 'costume' to school, I had to dress up a 'David' as in David and Goliath, complete with a slingshot. No scary costumes were allowed and I DEFINITELY wasn't allowed to go trick or treating.

Even some colleges like Michigan State University have begun implementing restrictions on certain costumes. They are warning students against costumes that might be too sexually explicit or racially insensitive. Although the school can't LEGALLY stop students from wearing these types of costumes, they are hoping that students abide by the recommendations.

Although Halloween has never been considered a 'religious' day, it's connection to spirits and darkness makes some feel uneasy. Some school are opting to go with a Fall Celebration theme instead of Halloween. They say it allows each student to feel included and the participate in their own way and costumes are optional.

Do YOU think Indiana public schools should ban Halloween events?

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