Here's What Your School Cafeteria Lunch Workers Want You to Know
This year will be very different. No volunteers allowed in schools. Which means more milks to open for cafeteria workers. And the less we can touch food, the better. One local mom and experienced lunch worker put together a list of things to remember about the school cafeteria!
Don't Forget to Sanitize These Things When School Starts!
This weekend, all parents should wash their children's personal belongings in hot water with a germ killer like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer or bleach or in a sanitize setting on your washer and dryer and talk about hand washing and sanitary practices with their kids.
Can ASMR Help You With Anxiety and Insomnia?
Research has shown that ASMR can also help with a myriad of conditions beyond insomnia like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, and can even make you feel like you are connected with others which is crucial at this time.
I'm Dying Watching This Lady Mimic How Kids Act
This lady totally nails how kids act - well pretty much all the time. But now we are stuck inside with them 24/7. So, all the annoying things are amplified. I've picked up a million cherrios this week. A MILLION.

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