In an announcement from Brad Schneider, Warrick County School Corporation Superintendent, WCSC announced that they will begin the 2020-21 school year on August 12, 2020. Both in-person and live stream school will be an option to students.

The announcement also outlined numerous health initiatives including hand washing, random temperature checks, and encouragement of face masks. Face masks will be required on busses by both staff and students.

Schneider goes on to ask that all parents and students cooperate and be patient as this is a process. It is also made clear that the plan could change before school starts.

Today, a email was sent to parents asking them to let the school system know what method of re-entry they'll be choosing for their children as well as transportation needs. 

The Warrick County School Corporation has sent out its return to school information documents for the 2020-2021 School Year (SY). Hopefully you have had some time to review them and discuss things with your family. The Warrick County School Corporation is offering several options for students during the 2020-2021 SY. The purpose of this survey is to determine which option you would like to choose when returning to school in the fall. 

MORE from the WCSC:

Another document found on the Warrick County School Corporation website highlights a Stop Light system that the school will be implementing.

"After reviewing the IN-CLASS COVID-19 Health and Safety Re-entry Guidance and after consulting with the Warrick County Health Department, the Warrick County School Corporation has created the following framework for the 2020-2021 fall school re-entry. Warrick County School Corporation will use a three-level system contingent upon the COVID-19 conditions at any given time. Warrick County School Corporation will concurrently offer families a live streaming option under all levels."

*Green: K-12 students are physically present at school.

*Yellow: Hybrid (some students are present at school while others may be working remotely from home).

*Red: No students in the physical building. K-12 distance learning from home.

In the document, it states that any student that exhibits COVID symptoms MUST stay home and log in to the live stream to not be counted absent.

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