Back when I was a kid, I wouldn't be caught dead in a thrift store. My mom was all about garage sales and hitting up places like St. Vinny's, but I was totally against it. Fast forward to now, and my tune has changed big time. I'm all about thrift shopping. It's way cheaper, I can snag better brands, plus I feel good about recycling. And bonus, I make some decent cash off stuff I don't need anymore by selling it at the World Wide Mission Store.

Panda's Place
Panda's Place

One Newburgh Consignment Store is Closing

One of my absolute favorite spots for home goods was Panda's Place in Newburgh. It's been around for about three years, tucked away in the Apple Center across from CVS and Starbucks. The place was packed with cute stuff, and I always stumbled upon unique finds whenever I dropped by. Plus, I even managed to sell some furniture there once.

Unfortunately, back in March, she announced that the store was closing.

March 4: It is with a very sad heart that I have to announce that we will be closing the doors to Panda's Place. As of today we will no longer be accepting consignments 3/4/24. I will try and do a video tomorrow when I feel more up to it. Thank you all for 3 great years!

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And then this week, she closed the doors forever.

Farewell my friends. Yesterday was our last official day at Panda’s Place. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome the last 3 years! If you had $20 in your account you will receive your final check by mail. I will leave this page up so if you need to contact me just message me here. Much love, Panda 
Romans 8:28 

What's Next for Panda?

In a video, owner-operator Panda Manners said that she isn't sure what the future will hold - she's leaving that one up to God to figure out for her. She also said that she will take the month of May off while continuing to work her second job.

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It's always hard to see wonderful small businesses close. Here at Townsquare Media, we wish Panda and her family the best and can't wait to see what new adventures she will dive into!

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