Earlier today, my wife took me out to lunch at Shyler's to get some RIIIIIIIIBS (thanks honey)! The food was good, we had a good time, and I got to use my new TIP N SPLIT Tip Calculator app! We have a lot of home cooked meals and it's rare that my wife and get a chance to get out, let alone have enough money to leave a tip. But THIS time, we did!

I was almost rushing through my meal, just so I could have the chance to ask the waitress for the check and use my new app. Our bill came to a little over $25 and with the 15% gratuity set on the Tip N Split app, the total tab was a little over $30. Now, I've never worked in a tip-based job before, but I KNOW it's got to be frustrating to look at a table you've served and not see a tip.

The Tip N Split Tip Calculator is a FREE app that you can download at the Android Market that comes in very handy. So the next time you're out having a nice sit-down meal at your favorite restaurant, show your server some love and use the TIP N SPLIT Tip calculator...and set it to 15% instead of 12%!