Shawn turned me on to a new app for my smartphone and I love it! Qapital allows you to save money in the easiest way possible! It's like collecting your change in  jar without the heavy pockets or the jar!

Zoonar RF

The premise of the app is simple. You sync your bank account to the app and every time you use your bank account, Qapital rounds your purchase up to the nearest dollar and puts that extra change into a savings account. You just spend like normal, and the extra change starts adding up! In just a few days, I have already saved over $3.

Kat Mykals

That may not seem like much but over the course of several months, that change will really add up. Qapital even has a built in safety. If you have less than $100 in your bank account, it won't deduct the extra change so you don't have to worry about it overdrafting your account.

Get Qapital for Android or iPhone.

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