KISS 106 has a chance for you to win a $200 gift card to Gangnam Korean BBQ in Evansville!  All you have to do is play and win the Spring Break Scavenger Hunt!  It's easy, fun, and you probably don't even have to leave your house!  Here's how you play:


Make sure you have the KISS 106 app (a free download), and open it up.



Right there on the home screen, tap SCAVENGER HUNT.

App 1


That will bring you to the CHALLENGES screen.  Every challenge has a POINT VALUE associated with it.  Every 500 points you earn is a new entry into the contest!

app 2


You'll probably be able to find everything you need right in your own home!


App 3

So "hop to it," good luck, and we'll contact the winner March 28th, 2019!

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