Filing Taxes – DIY or professional?
The Tax Filing season has officially begun and a lot of people are waiting on their W-2's. Usually I file off of my last pay check stub since I've been with the same company for a few years now.
It's reported that more people chose to file themselves last year versus going to say an "H&R blo…
Fall Festival 2013 w/ Nino
The 2013 West Side Nut Club's Fall Festival has kicked off and we'll be posted up all weeks long on the corner of 11th and Franklin passing out Munchie Maps and trying some as much good food as possible! Come on down and get stuffed with us and don't forget to tag all your photos with…
A Cure for the Hiccups – It REALLY Works
Earlier today during my show, I caught a bad case of the hiccups, as if there was ever a GOOD case of them. So I didn't what any sane person with a medical problem does...I GOOGLE'd it!
And sure enough, with extentive 5 minute research, I came across these 6 simple step that worked the firs…

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