I've heard that in some households, its a tradition to let everyone open 1 or more gifts before Christmas instead of waiting until Christmas morning. I think opening up gifts early takes away from the mystique and anticipation of waiting to see what you got. But my wife on the other hand never likes to wait until Christmas morning.

This year we planned on replacing my middle boy's broken Xbox but before I could even get wrapping paper around the Amazon box, he had already opened it, hooked it up, and started playing.

I never got to open up any gifts early when I was a kid! My mother didn't event put the gifts out UNTIL I was sleep on Christmas Eve because she knew I would try to poke holes in the wrapping to try and see what it was. But I wanna know what YOU think!

Does YOUR family open gifts BEFORE Christmas?

Submit your answer in the POLL and I'll read the results during tomorrow's show!


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