No fireplace to gather 'round this holiday season? No problem!

Burning a Yule Log on Christmas is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years as it was thought to predict good or bad luck for the coming year. Of course that was during a time where doctors "healed" people with leaches, and families had serious concerns of wolves entering their huts in the dead of night to eat their children while they slept.

Clearly times have changed. Doctors will only use leaches if your insurance covers it, and some people keep wolves as pets (see: Huskies). With that said, while the meaning behind it isn't the same, there are those that still enjoy a burning fireplace while they celebrate the holidays with family and friends. For these people, the flickering flames, and the sound of crackling wood is synonymous with opening gifts and sipping on egg nog.

However, not everyone has a fireplace, and unless you want to roll a 55-gallon drum into your living room (which I don't recommend, buy hey it's your place), you're out of luck if you're looking for that magical ambiance — or are you?

The concept of a video fireplace became popular way back in 1966 when a New York television station broadcast a three hour long video of a burning fireplace for the city's large number of apartment dwelling residents. The annual tradition carried on for 23 years before being put out, so to speak.

Since then, stations around the country have picked up the torch (fire puns are fun!), airing their own versions of a camera pointed at a fire without commercial interruption for hours at some point during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This year, Netflix has jumped on the bandwagon by providing subscribers a three different one-hour videos of logs burning in a fireplace; two without music, and one with. They even created an official movie trailer to hype the feature complete with dramatic music, a movie guy voice over, and made up quotes from people who we are to assume were given a special early screening. Get the popcorn ready.

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