The Rob & Kat Mykals were talking this morning about how early is too early to decorate for Christmas. Surprisingly, 26% of Americans have already started decorating and it's the first of November!


Christmas Tangle
Brad Killer


The Rob

Listen, I LOVE Christmas! I would say I love Christmas MORE than the average American. However, people, it is TOO SOON for Christmas decorations! To me, anything before Thanksgiving is disrespectful to Thanksgiving. Let's enjoy the turkeys and the gord and the squash and all that bulls--t before we put a Santa hat on everything!

 Kat Mykals

It's funny that we talked about this today because I was just discussing this with my boyfriend's mom. She will be in full Christmas decorating mode this week so she can enjoy the sparkle and flair of Christmas for a full two months. I do enjoy Christmas. I don't want you to think that I don't or that I am some kind of Scrooge, but I am a firm "not until after Thanksgiving" kind of person. In some recent years I have even waited until the week before Christmas to even put up a tree.


A recent poll suggests about 26% of Americans have already started decorating for CHRISTMAS! The Rob & Kat think that's...

Posted by 106.1 KISS-FM on Monday, November 2, 2015

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