christmas tree

Help Feed The Elephants
Elephants were not meant to be in captivity. When zoos and circuses are done with them they need a safe and nurturing place to go and we found it in Tennessee.
Help Feed The Elephants
Christmas is only a few weeks away and many of you like to use real Christmas Trees in your homes. Now you can donate that tree to an amazing cause after the holiday has passed.
Tree Disposal
If you're the type who opts for a real tree over a fake one, the time has come to take it down. But what do you do with it once you're ready to get it out of your house? There are options depending on where you live.
Santa's Workshop
Here at the office, we will be holding a cubicle decoration contest and with the help of a couple of my favorite "elves," my cubicle was transformed into Santa's Workshop, complete with a reindeer stable and even a fireplace!
Too Soon?
The Rob & Kat Mykals were talking this morning about how early is too early to decorate for Christmas. Surprisingly, 26% of Americans have already started decorating and it's the first of November!
Christmas Tree Recycling
As Christmas 2013 fades into the rear view, you're left with a decision on what to do with that lifeless lump in the corner of your living room. No, not your husband (ZING!), your Christmas tree.

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