I spend a LOT of time on the road during the week and I come across a LOT of BAD driving habits that people have that seem to bring out my ROAD RAGE! One of the main things that people do that REALLY ticks me off if when they wait until they get 2 feet from their turn before they turn on the signal then SLAM on their brakes to turn! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH! I hate that! Give me some warning will you!

Another thing that get my gamma rays going (HULK reference) is when people block a driveway exit or actually stop in the MIDDLE of the intersection when they stop at a red light in an attempt to keep other cars from merging in front of them! They always keep looking forward and try not to look at you when you honk your horn at them! Or even WORSE, they give you that shrugged-shoulders-hands-up stupid look like "SOOORRRYY!

Sometime I wish I had a fork-lift on the front of my SUV so I could just pick their car up with them in it and move it out of the way! Or better yet, let my inner GRAND THEFT AUTO character come out, and snatch them out of their car and smack 'em a couple of times!

What causes your ROAD RAGE? Leave your comments in the box and I'll read them on tomorrow's show! Drive safe...

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