One man's rage is another man's joy.

In this video, a man in a car, presumably with his wife, is having an absolute ball watching a road rage incident unfurl right in front of them. Did we say having a ball? No, he's having the time of his life. He's like a kid in a candy store, except he's an adult in a car watching two other drivers go at it.

After one driver pushes the other driver's car, our hero (and his NSFW choice of words) exclaims, "Oh my god this is best day ever!," which makes you wonder what exactly his previous best day ever was.

When the woman in the car asks him to be quiet, presumably because there's a child in the car with them, he can only respond in a most jubilant manner, "We're gonna watch somebody get murdered!" Which, really, who wouldn't be excited at watching someone lose his life, right?

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