At 6:20 in the morning, my alarm goes off.  I sit up, grab for my bottle of water and take a big drink; it’s good for my heart. I step into my bathroom and relieve myself; it’s good for my bladder. Then I turn on the radio, preset to 106.1, to hear the The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals (and Chandelle); it’s good for my mind.

Regardless of what I’m doing, I spend the next three hours with them every Monday through Friday. I wanted to share this with other listeners, because if you’re in it just for the music or to win prizes, you are missing out on something more. You’re missing out on three very special people that share their lives with you every day. It’s not just their job, it’s what they do and who they are. I have listened to other radio personalities, but none have touched me like these three people at the mic each morning, sharing details of their lives. No matter what kind of day I’m having, they are there. No matter what kind of day they are having, they are there. It is just like dropping in on three friends just hanging out. The following is my view of The Rob’s Radio Show from the outside listening in.



From my perspective, he’s that fun loving guy to have around when you’re hanging out, and definitely a great addition to any group of friends. He has a love for music, of course, but also enjoys Mario, Bret Hart, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Adam Levine, boobs and pizza. He truly cares about what he does in his delivery to his audience.

With Rob, no topic is off the table  He’s quick to poke fun at anyone, including himself.  I respect that.  He can hold himself up without putting anyone beneath him, but he is quick to put you in your place if you deliver incorrect information on anything pop culture, especially song titles. His timing, care for his co-hosts, and that “Rob” memory of past years' happenings are some of the outstanding attributes of his personality on the air.  With all he's shared on the show and our conversations, one might think we have been friends for a long time... or you may be concerned for his safety.

My take on Rob: He’s like that brother you didn’t realize was cool until you grew up and now you just want to make up for lost time - hanging out, watching wrestling, playing video games, or discussing all things entertainment.

 Kat Mykals


What I see is she’s that reserved woman that isn’t always the first to speak, but when she does, it's important.  Agree or disagree, she knows what she wants to say #SorryNotSorry. Her love for her daughter supercedes all else; her cats, nineties alternative rock, close lady friends, painting and tattoos.

She holds herself to a high standard.  She interjects passion in all that she does, whether it be delivering the news, playing off Rob on the air, or helping out with numerous charitable organizations and local businesses.  A cool Kat, she is humble, not realizing how special she truly is. I don’t want to get too personal without her permission, but I recently was going through a tough time and this wonderful woman, with 5,000 FB friends, took notice and reached out (on Facebook)  just to check on me. That speaks volumes to her character.  Her passion, selflessness, and laugh are some of her best attributes as an on air personality.

My take on Kat: She’s that woman that is out of your league hot, but is so cool you have to at least win her friendship. I believe I have with my humor and kindred spirit.



In Chandelle, I see a young lady that brings that youthful energy in all her undertakings. She explains experiences in such a way it makes you feel like you were there. She is the one I’d call “the duck on the water".  At a glance she seems calm, but under the surface, she’s just paddling away.


She loves all things sharks, The Murder Channel, Hansen and runs into burning buildings. Out of the three, she is the one I know the least about, but from what I’ve seen, she leads a chaotic life. Chandelle does the morning and night show for KISS FM, fights fires, is planning a wedding, redoing a bathroom, has time to work out for two hours a day, and is still a sweet person.  Her mischievous smirk indicates she knows more than she’s letting on. Her cool, quiet, youthful view on all things entertainment are the attributes I see stand out most.

My take on Chandelle:  She’s like that friend of your sister that has grown up with your family. You can’t admit you’ve “thought” about her because that’d be creepy, but ultimately she’s one cool chic, and you’re just stoked that she is a friend.

You may ask what is important about my opinion.  I feel if you love something you should express appreciation.  Because they have made me feel like more than a listener, I'm a better person for knowing all three of them.  They are all appreciated and I'm happy to call them friends.

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