Newburgh, Indiana native Michael Rosenbaum has been a busy man lately promoting his movie Back in the Day which he not only stars in, but wrote, directed, and produced with his brother through their Rose And Bomb Productions company. I was able to catch up with him on the phone has he was on his way home to Los Angeles after wrapping up another interview for the film in San Francisco.

In the interview below, Michael discusses everything from the extended run of the film at Showplace East and Newburgh, the rigorous schedule he's kept while promoting the film, the appropriate use of male nudity, the types of films and the filmmakers that provided the inspiration behind Back in the Day, and his thoughts on Jessie Eisenberg playing the character he played for seven years on Smallville.

Go see Back in the Day (showtimes available here), or pick it up on iTunes, and Video On Demand.

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