I guess since every other fast food restaurant is adding chicken sandwiches and miracle meat burgers to their menus, KFC has decided to go with something a little sweeter. Starting today at over 40 locations, KFC will be added DOUGHNUTS, yes you heard me, DOUGHNUTS as an alternative to buns or biscuits. You can either get traditional chicken or chicken tenders with one or two doughnuts, or a chicken fillet between two glazed doughnuts for a bun.

Now, I've seen doughnuts used as buns for burgers before so I guess the next logical step would be a CHICKEN sandwich. Unlike the release of their regular style chicken sandwiches, the new additions have been met with mixed reviews ranging from people planning road trips to the nearest east coast KFC to the barf emoji!

I've always been a fan of a little sweetness with my chicken like putting honey on it with a biscuit or when eating chicken and waffles, I might drizzle a little syrup on the the chicken as well. But never have I been so hungry or INTOXICATED that I thought about frying some chicken and using two donuts as a bun.

If all goes well in the test runs, you will probable be seeing this diet destroying monstrosity at a KFC in the Tri-State soon!

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