Hey guys, let me tell you - I can’t speak a lick of the Chinese language. However, a plate of Chinese food, I can lick clean. You want some great Chinese food, but don’t have a great deal of time? Well then it’s time to Wok-N-Roll! Let me tell you about this locally owned Restaurant.

You can get started with some of their Signature Rolls or Crab Rangoon, flavorful bites housed in a crispy fried Wontons.

Don't rest there, we have to get to the main course. You can enjoy one of their signature dishes with your choice of meat. I usually get the General Tao's Pork. It's crispy fried pork with broccoli in a sweet, spicy sauce, DELICIOUS!

Or the Pork Fried Rice, which, as it states, is fried white rice with pork and vegetables.

Don't forget your side dishes, sautéed mushrooms or potatoes are my choices. If it were socially acceptable, I would make these my entrée most of the time; so good!

After all of this, your belly should be full and happy... Wait, you haven't eaten yet! Get yourself to Wok-N-Roll at 311 S. Green River Rd. in Evansville, or call 812-479-3118 to place your order.  I wish you all good fortune.


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