Honey+Dew is Evansville's latest coffee house. What did Gavin think of it?

I'm a big fan of coffee, which is strange considering before college I didn't really enjoy it. I guess being constantly stressed out and needing caffeine changed my taste. The latest coffee house to open in Evansville is Honey+Dew, located on S Weinbach near the University of Evansville campus.

The business itself is very intimate and probably seats around 25-40 people. It's a nice little space but also easy to miss. I went with my friend Emily who had been before who spoke highly of what they had to offer. I ordered an iced raspberry mocha with whole milk, which is typically my coffee of choice if offered. Emily ordered a butterbeer latte with almond milk.

Emily Durchholz

I loved my raspberry mocha. It was sweet and you could really taste the raspberry. Also, they used smaller ice cubes which I like because it doesn't seem to overpower the drink like the way larger cubes do. That might not make any sense to you but in my mind it does. Emily enjoyed her drink although I wasn't a huge fan of a the sip I took. That's more because of the almond milk (not a fan) and personal taste as opposed to the actual drink.

A cool thing that is offered at Honey+Dew is their line of nitrous-infused coffees. The owner was nice enough to give us one of them on the house to try.

Emily Durchholz

As you can see, it almost looks like a Guinness. The drink they brought was pretty good, but honestly, probably not something I would order for myself. The coffee taste was a bit overwhelming, and as mentioned earlier, I like my coffee sweeter. Emily very much enjoyed the nitrous-infused drink, though.

Honey+Dew also offers other treats, such as ice cream. I didn't have any on this trip, but I plan on trying it in the near future. Overall, my experience with Honey+Dew was a pleasant one. The prices were on-point with Starbucks and Penny Lane. If you are on the east side of Evansville, there is no reason to not give them a try.

You can get more information here!