It's been a while since I've had someone tell me I HAD to try a certain breakfast spot...  But people have been telling me over and over that I HAVE to try the new Nellie's in Newburgh!  Since I had my parents in town last week, and I only save the very BEST for my parents, Brittany and I decided to take them to this quaint little breakfast joint we had been hearing so much about.


So, we had always been warned in the same breath as how good their breakfast is that their wait is long to be seated.  We went a little before noon on Sunday, which I know around here means you're looking for trouble with the after-church crowd, and we did have a little bit of a wait.  They told us the wait should be about 30 minutes, but it was honestly probably only half of that.  That's really not so bad.  Also, if I had to pick something to pick on, the restaurant is pretty cramped.  Whether you brushing shoulders in the waiting area, or even sitting at your table, I always felt somewhat cramped.  They stuffed a lot tables into this relatively small space on Ruffian Lane in Newburgh.


Outside of that, though, it was hard to find something to complain about.  I considered trying a lunch menu since it was about noon when we sat down, but I had heard so much about the breakfast that I thought I would be doing all of us a disservice to not try it.  I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and can honestly say I cannot recall ever having a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich nearly this good in my entire life.  It was served on like a French bread or baguette, which was a pleasant surprise that I didn't know from reading the menu.  Also, I was worried about "just a sandwich"  and a side wouldn't be enough for me, but I was wrong.  This sandwich was HUGE.  When I think of an egg sandwich, I think of one the size of a normal slice of bread and only housing one egg.  This was roughly twice the size I expected and every bite was amazing!


I tried a little bit of everybody's food, and all of it was awesome.  Everybody was extremely happy with their food.  My girlfriend had the Veggie Skillet with pancakes, my mom had a Banana Foster French Toast (oh my god, this was amazing!), and Chip had a Steak Skillet.  The hype is real, their food is a home run!

Photo: Brittany Dart
Photo: Brittany Dart

Their service was great as well.  To accommodate their lunch-time rush they get their food orders in and up as quickly as possible.  I was a bit surprised that within two minutes of us sitting down, three separate waiters had asked for our drink orders.  But hey, that's better than none, I guess.


Lastly, Nellie's prices were great.  None of us paid more than $10.00 for our meal.  While we're not the biggest brunch eaters, we all agreed we'll be paying Nellie's a visit for breakfast again sometime in the near future!

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