My family and I love good seafood. Whenever we take a trip to a beach, one of our top priorities is visiting a local seafood restaurant in whatever city we're staying in. But, now we can get great seafood anytime we want just down the road in Owensboro, Kentucky after I discovered the existence of Catfish Willy's.

Unbeknownst to me, the restaurant has been in Owensboro for a few years. Sitting in a small strip mall at 1007 Tamarack Road, just west of the intersection of Frederica. From the outside it looks like most businesses that occupy a strip mall, a rather unassuming façade with neutral tones —

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

The inside on the other hand is a totally different story. The walls pop with the colors you'd associate with a beach-side restaurant. Bright blue and yellow walls are adorned with fishing nets, oars, and other typical beach decor.

But that's not why I went. Obviously I'm there for the food. And although I wouldn't normally associate "fresh seafood" with "Owensboro, Kentucky," I found myself blown away by not only the freshness of what they served, but the flavors were on point as well.

We dove into a wide variety of what they have to offer including Lobster Pronto Pups, Baked Flounder with a Lobster Cream Sauce, Steamed Crab Legs, Crab-Stuffed Baked Tilapia, and more.

Take a look.

By the looks of their Facebook page, it seems we aren't the only ones who will be making a return trip to Catfish Willys.

If it's seafood you're looking for, Catfish Willy's in Owensboro is definitely worth the trip. Although, you may not have to drive to Owensboro to enjoy it much longer, as the staff informed us they are currently exploring locations in Evansville for another franchise.

Check out the complete menu on their Facebook page.

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