There are certain things that only people from the Tri-State area can truly appreciate, experience or even understand! Take the 'How Tri-State Are You?' quiz to see how far your Tri-State roots go. For every item on the list that you have done, you get 1 point. Tally up you points and leave your results in the comment box!


  1. Smelled the Ohio River in the Summer time
  2. Been to an event at ROBERTS STADIUM
  3. Eaten a Brain Sandwich at Fall Fest
  4. Bought items from a Farmer's Market more than once
  5. Been to Fall Fest at least 5 times
  6. Ever been 'Muddin'' in a 4x4
  7. Rode to Henderson, KY just to buy cheaper gas and fireworks
  8. Been to the Dust Bowl
  9. Been to Kentucky Derby
  10. Watched a Race at Ellis Park
  11. Been to Holiday World/Splashin' Safari at least 3 times
  12. Been to an event at the Ford Center
  13. Been to a game @ Bosse Field
  14. Gave someone directions by way of a closed business (i.e. "by the OLD Wal-mart")
  15. Thinks Ski soda and Grippos are delicious
  16. Calls Carbonated drinks 'Soda'

Tally up your answers and leave your score in the comment box below!

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