This morning we were chatting with WEHT/Eyewitness News meteorologist Ron Rhodes.  His station's chili cook-off is tomorrow, and he was asking us for some pointers.  Admittedly, I am no cook.  Maddie is known for making a mean bowl of white chicken chili, and she revealed cream cheese as her secret ingredient.  We asked our audience what their secret ingredient in their chili is and we got some UNEXPECTED feedback.  Here are my five favorite secret chili ingredients from this morning!


In no particular order:


#1 - MINT



A caller suggested that a cup of coffee in her chili pot really adds to the flavor.  Like me, the caller did not drink coffee.





Another caller suggested adding peanut butter to chili.  While this sounds like a big miss to me, I can at least say I've heard of this one before.



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