Big Box Office movies are back in the movie theatres! This is great, but we can also watch some new movies at home with streaming services like Disney+. So we asked our listeners to share their most quotable iconic movies with us.

We compiled a list of twenty-five movies. Does anyone want to guess how many Liberty has seen? Out of our list, she has seen only five. You have probably seen them all, but can you quote them? We put together a fun little quiz to test your iconic movie knowledge.

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Of course, everyone has a different opinion about what makes a movie iconic. I think it has to stand the test of time, so multiple generations will want to see it. A movie that can resonate with a wide variety of people could be called iconic. Some even say that a movie must have a killer soundtrack in order to be deemed iconic.

If you ask the internet what makes a movie iconic, you will find every opinion in the book, especially on Redditt O.M.G. So, what does the good ole dictionary say?

Widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence, recognized and well-established - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Black Widow

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Evansville movie enthusiasts shared their list of the Most Quotable Iconic Movies. We decided to turn it into a fun game! See if you can guess what movie each quote is from.

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